Speaking Visually

Look at the world. Mine is different from yours and yours is different from mine. Enjoy my world.

-Sarah Gerace

  • I don’t think one can fully capture the beauty of Bar Harbor, Maine and Acadia National Park but here are some more attempts from my iPhone.

    I’ve also gotten pretty lucky with days off lately. We got a morning off this last week where the weather wasn’t too horrible so we headed out to Otter Cliffs and I got to see some Oceanside cliff climbing in action. And then yesterday I had the day off and spent most of the day hiking the more technical routes of Acaida (the Precipice and the Beehive) due to the good weather. In the end I got a good 10 miles of trail covered.
  • I am almost ajuststed to 8am to 8pm workdays, 6 days a week  schedule, while living on the sail boat, Margaret Todd with no running water and a very limited kitchen. It consists of waking up with the sun making some coffee and doing some yoga on the deck. Then either running to the MDI YMCA for a shower or shoving my head in the sink of the public bathrooms. Then a day of sailing after which is sometimes followed by a boulder session at COA’s lovely and practically unused wall and then some dinner by which time I’m so exshasted and ready for some sleep. 

  • I love the iPhone and social media. For example instagram is awesome I snap a photo with my iPhone and submit. Then it is out there for people to see. I know this is kinda a slacker approach to photography but I despise editing. I loth it so much that I have hard drives full of images that no one including me will ever see again. So I am posting some recent instagrams photos and then linking my account with this blog. 

    Here is some from my first days in Bar Harbor, ME